Here at Woodlands we believe in the power of reading.  We understand that reading is not just a tool of education but a necessity in life.  By creating readers today we are allowing your children to access worlds, ideas and opportunities tomorrow.   Due to the importance of this it is our schools mission to have every child in our school not just reading at home, but enjoying reading at home.  At Woodlands we always try to read stories we love to your children, to pass on our love of reading to them, but this year we are trying something a little different.  This year, every year group from nursery all the way up to year 6 will focus on different poets.  Each term they will familiarise themselves with two different poets, one heavy and one light.  From these they will choose one to recite.  Furthermore, each year group will choose from a selection of age appropriate classic texts to read as a class.  These classic texts and poets have been decided on after lots of debate and discussion and are stories and poems we as teachers are excited to read.  However, it is our hope that these classic texts will do more than just entertain the children in our class.  We hope these texts will enrich their language, develop their comprehension, raise awareness of history and, perhaps most importantly, broaden their experiences of genre and introduce them to a variety of poets and authors.  The list is available as a link to this page, so why not take a look and see if you can spot one or two of your favourites?


We know how important reading is at Woodlands and we also know how much you value being involved in your child’s education.  Following your feedback, we wanted to make reading at home as easy and valuable as possible for you and your child.  Last year our phonics workshop proved a hit and this year we will be hosting another session focusing on games and activities to enhance you and your child’s reading time together.  Further up the school, you may have noticed we’ve had lots of exciting changes to our reading scheme recently.  Our reading book bands (the colours on the side of the books) have been scrutinised and changed to ensure progress is attainable and assessable.  We have also began a process called bench marking where every child reads a banded book and is asked questions on the text, testing both their decoding and comprehension skills, this is to ensure every child takes home a book that they can both read and understand fully as this is the only way to thoroughly enjoy a book. To celebrate these changes and encourage every child to read at home we are excited to launch our bookmark competition.  Every time your child reads at home they will awarded with a mark on their bookmark.  Once the bookmark has been filled and your child has read at home 15 times they will be awarded with a prize and a new bookmark.  There are 7 bookmarks to collect with the prizes getting bigger and better the more your child reads. So with brand new books, a new banding system ensuring your child can read and enjoy their book and prizes up for grabs what more of an excuse do you need to begin to enjoy reading at home with your child! 


We have now set up a scheme that our parents can access at home

Follow this link to  Oxford Owl 

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