Healthy School Advisors

We are the Junior Healthy School Advisors (J.H.S.A). 

Our role is to try to make our school as healthy as possible.

We promote healthy eating by rewarding students for choosing healthy options at lunchtime.


Children are rewarded with a sticker or a star for leaving all chocolate at home.

No Crisp Wednesday

If you don't have any crisps you recieve a star or a sticker.

Fruity Friday

All children that have fruit or vegetables with their lunch get a reward.


We also like to encourage more excercise in our school. J.H.S.A and school council worked together to choose equipment for outside gym. Later in the year we are hoping to bring back 'Jolly Jog'. This is an activity when each class jogs around the yard every day.


Contact the School

Woodlands Community Primary School

Hollybank Road, Birkenhead


CH41 2SY

Mrs B. Baker (Office Manager)

Tel: 0151 647 8406

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