Woodlands Primary School currently has 38% pupils for which English is an additional language. Most of those children have Bangladeshi heritage but there are also a significant number of children of Chinese and Eastern European heritages.

There is always some degree of fluctuation in these numbers as children leave and join the school.

At Woodlands our primary philosophy is that everything that we do to support our EAL pupils also supports all our pupils.

Staffing We employ a number of extra staff to support our EAL pupils.

Mrs. Akbor

Mrs. Khan

Mrs. Rahman

Mrs. Ahmed

Ms. Warnock

Miss San

We also receive support from MEAS staff employed by the LA.

Other bilingual staff are employed at lunchtime and we also have bilingual volunteers helping in school.


In F1 and F2 we have bilingual TAs working as part of the EYFS team. In KS1 bilingual TAs provide support for pupils working in class as well as providing support through interventions outside class. In KS2 most support is provided through specific interventions outside class as a result of detailed assessment of children’s needs.

Our provision does differ according to each child’s needs. Children are assessed and monitored regularly so that we are able to plan the best support, enabling them to make excellent progress and become fluent in speaking and understanding English. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to socialise and interact with their peers so that they can learn from each other. Therefore any withdrawal of our EAL children from class is for a specific purpose and is linked to the work of that class.

Although the actual support that is provided will vary, our main focus is usually “Talking Partners” (frequently addressing grammatical structures and mathematical or technical/scientific vocabulary) and Reading Comprehension activities. Specific intervention programmes may also be implemented for New Arrivals.

“Hub School” Role

Woodlands Primary School acts as a “Hub School” for other schools in Wirral. As part of this role we provide support on EAL issues to other teachers in Wirral schools. We also support students at JMU and Direct Teaching Students. Working with MEAS, our EAL lead teacher provides CPD for Wirral schools based on our own experience.

Mosque Visits

In Wirral, MEAS organises tours of the mosque for pupils in Wirral schools on a regular basis. Our Y6 pupils act as “Ambassadors” on these tours, offering pupils a greater understanding of the Muslim faith from their perspective. We are very proud of the way in which our pupils carry out this work.


We value the role that all parents play in supporting their children in school. Typically, EAL parents have not always been involved in school activities. We have worked hard to develop relationships with EAL parents and to provide an environment in which they feel welcome. We have provided a variety of workshops /classes aimed directly at EAL parents to encourage them to come into school and gain a greater understanding of how they can help their children at home. Currently our “Fitness” class is proving very popular!

There have also been a number of “family” workshops in which children have worked alongside their parents. Last year we were involved in a project with the Learning Lighthouse in which we produced a bilingual film that was shown at the Wirral Film Festival.


For many years Woodlands has been an ESOL centre providing free English lessons for EAL parents.

International Events/Celebrations

At Woodlands we want to prepare all our pupils for the multicultural world that we live in today. We enjoy celebrating the wide variety of language, story, music, dance, drama, art, beliefs and cultures that is part of that world and we value all that our EAL pupils bring to our diverse community. We have run a number of International events and always have fun celebrating Christmas, Eid, Chinese New Year etc together.

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